4wd robot chassis

The A025 4wd robot chassis plays a crucial role in enhancing construction operations, reducing personnel and management costs, and making teamwork smarter, safer, and more efficient.

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A020 agriculture robot platform


Multiple Motion Modes Selection

Offering remote control, follow mode, video navigation, and autonomous navigation with various motion modes.

Expandable Power Supply

Optional 40Ah or 70Ah batteries are available, providing a runtime of over 8 hours to meet long-duration operational requirements.

High performance

With a payload capacity of 500kg, it can travel up to 10 kilometers per hour, even on uneven roads.

Fully scalable

The A020 4 wheel robot chassis is not set in stone. Software and hardware can be customized according to customer specifications, and sensors and specific materials can be tailored for secondary development.


A020 4WD Robot Chassis Application Cases

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A020 4wd robot chassis has a sturdy chassis that allows it to navigate through fields, transporting heavy loads of harvested crops from one place to another, thereby reducing the manpower required for transportation.

Landscaping and maintenance

A020 4wd smart robot car chassis kit can also be used for landscaping tasks such as mowing, trimming, or transporting landscaping materials.

Fertilizer spraying

Equipped with the appropriate attachments, A020 4wd robot chassis can carry large tanks of pesticides or fertilizers, autonomously navigate through fields, and efficiently and accurately spray or apply fertilizers.

Fruit picking

A020 can be equipped with specialized harvesting tools such as mechanical arms, enabling it to autonomously navigate orchards or vineyards and gently pick ripe fruits from trees or vines. Its precise movements and gentle operation help minimize damage to the fruits, ensuring higher yields.

Monitoring and surveillance

A020 4wd robot chassis kit integrates sensors and cameras, enabling autonomous field patrols to monitor crop health, detect anomalies, and provide valuable data to farmers for timely intervention.

Field Line Marking robot 

A020 4wd robot car chassis kit can custom to : GPS Sports Field Line Marking with Field Paint Robot


a020 spec
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A020 4 wheel Robot Chassis spec

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