Robotic Solutions, Custom Robots, and Robot Components

Fdata Robot is a premier robot solution provider, we offer the comprehensive suite of tailored solutions to meet your special needs with cost-efficiently.

Our extensive range of offerings includes mobile robot platform,delivery robot, power supply robot, and customizable options. Our expertise allows us to customize standard products or design and build custom robots tailored to your specification. Fdata robot’s solutions apply in various scenarios such as construction site, industry park, commerical center,agriculture, logistic and warehouse,etc.

Whether you’re building a robot or relate product,Fdata Robot provide a diverse selection of custom options, kits, components, etc. Just need to submit your requirements, we ensure find the perfect solution to meet your needs and budget.

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Complete Robots and Robot Kits

Tailored Robot Solutions

Unlock the potential of custom robotics with Fdata Robot. We often receive different requirement form different industry, whether customize an client’s design or create a new ID. Our team will collaborate closely with you in whole process,ensure the custom robot solution tailored precisely to your requirements.

2 Wheel Robot Chassis | 4WD Robot Chassis | Omnidirectional Robot Platform | Tactical Robots | Heavy Duty Robot Chassis 500kg Payload | Autonomous Robots | Programmable Robots |

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Complete Robots and Robot Kits

 Complete Robots and Robot Kits

Whatever your robot requirements,we offer the kits or resources to assist your robotic projects. We offer one-stop ODM service to achieve your robot ideas. our customized robots include transport robot,disinfection robot,power supply robot,etc. If you need a flexible kit for rapid deployment,we also support.

 Custom and OEM Robots | Robot Platform | Power Supply Robot for Drone | Last Mile Delivery Robot | Warehouse Delivery Robot | Disinfection Robot | Logistics Robot | Security Robot | Picking Robot |

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See our robots work in the most demanding environments with researchers all over the globe.

Maked Served

Our products are widely used as an innovative way for short-distance transportation in fields such as services and entertaining. Meeting users’ needs of diversification and personalization, Fdata continues to lead the development of the industry.

Public Safety | Public Safety | Agriculture | Warehousing | Healthcare |

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Electric Components and Controls

 Electric Components and Controls

We supply electric components and controls to power your robots.To support your robotic project success,whether power supply parts, motors, actuators, sensors, or processors,control boards, and communication modules,we offer quality parts to optimize performance.

Batteries | Boards | Cameras | Chargers and Transformers | Cables and Connectors | Control Systems | Discrete Components | Encoders | Joysticks | LCDs | Misc. Electronics | Motor Controllers | Networking | Programmable Controllers | Remote Controls | Sensors | Servo Controllers | USB Devices | Voltage Regulators | Hook-up Kits | Wireless Components

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Custom Robot Accessories

We supply electric components and controls to power your robots.To support your robotic project success,whether power supply parts, motors, actuators, sensors, or processors,control boards, and communication modules,we offer quality parts to optimize performance.


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Mechanical and Structural Components

Mechanical and Structural Components

All the mechanical and structural components that to build durable and stable robots are supplied here. Our selection includes chassis,frame,joints system,wheels,mounting brackets and other useful parts.

Camera Pan/Tilts | Chains and Sprockets | Chassis | Bearings | Gear Motors | General Parts | Hardware | Motor Mounts | Scissor Lifts | Brackets | Servos | Shaft Collars | Stepper Motors | Treads/Tracks | Wheels and Shafts

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Fdata | Mobile Robot Manufacturers

See our robots work in the most demanding environments with researchers all over the globe.

Autonomous Robot | AMR Manufacturers

Fdata is one of autonomous mobile robot manufacturers in china, and founded in 2015. We have complete industrial chain resources, professional robot engineers, and our manufacture industrial park.

Fdata can support the concept of robots to scale production and delivery. Our team will participate in the process of robot design, development, molding, and manufacturing.

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28 Years manufacturing


200+ Engineers


200+ Employees


32000㎡ Word-class factory

Why Choose Fdata Robot Company

As one of the autonomous robot companies in China. Fdata robot partners with businesses to help them design, manufacture, test, certify, package, kit, and deliver extraordinary mobile robot solutions.

Fdata works with years of experience in design and manufacturing. We’re looking for OEM & ODM opportunities to help you grow your business. Our design team offers ergonomic design and verification services for creating a series of production lines from an innovative aspect. Also, a cost effective and quality products are what we are concerned for our clients. Our quality control laboratory and production management ability is your reliable partner in China.


We have a 4WS-4WD mobile robot chassis solution that supports horizontal movement with the autonomous robot platform A012.

Fdata support the full mobile robot solutions, HW , Software, ROS and Navigation.

Basically, the front head cost will be much higher for a customized robot platform.

To proceed the customized robot base requirements evaluation, we’d prefer to know your business plan, product definition, and purchasing schedule.

Our team will not only help to evaluate product design, development and production feasibility, but also the long-term commercial value for both parties.

For the sample pricing, I’m not sure if we can make it lower cause there will be supporting works from our team, and we are not just sell the samples, we are more focusing on the continuous support and future project opportunities. We may even fly to your country to support on-site and work together with your team to ensure the project success.

Any way, I will talk with our management team. If you have a target, then it will help me to proceed further.

We provide different models of 3D radar Velodyne LiDAR, Ouster LiDAR, Quanergy LiDAR, Livox LiDAR, etc. for different robotics solutions, we use different 3D radars, which are evaluated according to the specific mobile robot project.

Fdata is a manufacturer of customized mobile robot solutions in China, offering customized autonomous mobile robot from a single unit, allowing customers to build their own mobile autonomous robot or those designed by our team in our factory.

Yes, Fdata robot is a customized autonomous mobile robot manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Unlike other autonomous mobile robot providers, fdata offers customized robots, using the customer’s logo and branding, and we provide R&D and production, technical support and support.

For the 1st sample, our engineer recommend we provide you the whole product including HW robot and the ROS, SLAM and navigation.
For the pilot builds 30-50pcs, you can try to 3D print the parts by yourself.

The time cycle of customized mobile robot, in fact, for different customized mobile robot projects, the time cycle is not the same, if the modification on top of our standard mobile robot, then one month time we can send the customer samples of customized robots, but if it is from the beginning of the design to the production, our cycle time is more than 3 months!

Of course, we only do OEM and customized robotics projects, all the products are customer’s logos, and we will develop them confidentially!

Yes, we have 11 SMT lines, and 20 robot assembly lines, our own manufacturing plant, we provide customers with the production of robots, of course, not only the manufacture of robots, but also SMT, molding, injection molding services are also one of the scope of services of our factory.

Currently we can provide OEM robots including:
Mobile robot chassis, both indoor and outdoor.
Color matching robotic solutions, hotel delivery, orchard delivery, etc.
Sterilization robots
Warehouse robots
Last mile delivery robots
Robotic lawn mowers

We have been providing customized services since 1995 and have accumulated more than 25 years of experience in sensors, robot hardware and software.

Our solutions include indoor autonomous mobile chassis, outdoor mobile platform, as well as navigation systems, ROS systems, sensors.

On top of our standard chassis, we offer customized robots for different application scenarios, such as warehousing, logistics, commercial, agricultural and other solutions.

Fdata robot is a mobile robot manufacturers located in Shenzhen, China, with its own robotics factory, robotics research and development team, technical team, robotics laboratory, we provide customers with mobile robots from design to mass production of the entire process.

We currently have 20 robot assembly lines, 11 SMT lines, the factory covers an area of more than 32,000 square meters, at present we have our own mobile robot manufacturing in Huizhou and Shenzhen.

Fdata is a subsidiary of Howen Group, founded in 2015, Howen was founded in 1995, specializing in the development and production of automotive reversing radar sensors, we have accumulated more than 25 years of experience in radar and other sensors, which is carried over to robotics, so in terms of algorithms and software we have more than the other robotics companies, and in terms of hardware our core team have more than 10 years of experience in robotics electronic design, mechanical design. In terms of hardware, our core team has more than 10 years of experience in electronic and mechanical design of robots.