25yers + Experience in Project Customization

We are Custom Robotics Manufacturer

Our dedicated team allows our customers to realize robotic solutions that meet their needs. We can design, develop, and manufacture mobile robots. Our customized solutions are modified from our prototypes to prepare for the market quickly.  Since 1995, our team company, longhorn, has been focusing on providing customized services to our customers, and Fdata has been focusing on robot customization and production, and has accumulated 10 years of experience in the robotics industry to become the leading robotics manufacturer in China.

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Over 100+ Partners

We’ve Worked with Different Types of Companies

We have worked with software companies, AI companies, robotics companies, etc., who wanted FDATA to customize their branded robots quickly. With more than 100 collaborations, we have fully understood the needs of our clients and gained experience in different industries. With our extensive experience in robotics, we have helped our clients grow their brands and businesses.

Research & Development
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R&D Teams with Over 10 Years of Experience

Customized robots face many challenges, and without a team with extensive experience in the robotics industry it can be difficult to deliver customer projects. At Fdata our core robotics team has been involved in robotics research and development for more than 10 years, and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry to quickly get customer robotics projects to market.


Sustainability is an Important Part of Our Company Culture

We work with our clients on one-off transactions and on a long-term basis, keeping an eye on their business and helping them grow it.

Success Stories

Agriculture, Warehouse, Health Care, Commercial

We have extensive experience in the Agriculture, Warehouse, Health Care, and Commercial industries, and have customized our robotic chassis to meet the needs of our customers.

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