2 Wheel Robot Chassis

A011 2 wheel robot chassis at being the most intelligent and secure commercial delivery robot platform. 2 wheel drive motor chassis robotics kit can detect passer-by and initiatively make way for pedestrian in a timely manner. Even in a highly dynamic and complex environment, A011 2wd robot chassis can conduct and complete its tasks with ease, while at the same time surprises you with its multifunctionality and high-reliability.

The A011 2WD Drive-by-wire robot platform. Revolutionary compact design and multi-modal operation capable of handling various indoor application scenarios.

A011 Robot Platform Battery Swappable Solution


Battery Swappable Solution

Delivery in minutes, Battery change in seconds Battery swapping solution allows for maximum robots utilization and can offer significant cost savings for commercial-scale utilization.

SLAM Technology

The multi-sensor SLAM positioning system supports high-precision mapping and autonomous positioning and navigation, enabling robots to navigate and perform tasks more efficiently in complex environments.

Second Development Capacity

A011 2wd smart robot car chassis can be customized for advanced operation mode. Users can communicate with the main control throug CAN bus protocol, and the open source SDK and ROS_PACKAGE are also provides.

3D Obstacle Avoidance

Enable the robot to have a fast obstacle avoidance response speed and ensure the safety of the working environment.


Multi Scenario Application

Shelf Inspection Robot

Shelf Inspection Robot

Supermaket shelf inspection robot helps you quickly detect inventory and remind the owner; It aways helps inspect whether the discharge of goods on the shelf is correct.

Warehouse Delivery Robot

Warehouse Delivery Robot 

Warehouse robots are designed to augment human labor by performing various tasks, from picking and palletizing to transportation.

Hotal Delivery Robot

Hotal Delivery Robot

Exits elevator automatically. It makes call to customers for delivery upon arrival.


2 wheel robot chassis A011
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS500mm*500mm*302mm
Product Weight30KG
Drive2WD wheel robot
Speed 3.6km/h
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2wd smart robot car chassis A011 is the most suitable wheeled robot chassis for indoor applications.


See videos of actual application scenarios of the A011 2wd robot chassis.


A011 indoor Robot platform spec

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